Monday, 25 June 2012

Day 1 Bethel School of worship

I am really struggling to download pictures and the videos I have recorded are taking me hours to download on this netbook.  So it will probably be that I just write, add photos when I can and then upload videos when I get home on my husband's computer.

The very first thing we did was register and sit in line. The line went all around the building.  But the atmosphere was electric with anticipation.

 I had the most awesome day today.  I have been in the most amazing worship environment. The worship was so good: 500 people all with a passion for God and worship to just come together and give God glory. 

Today Bill Johnson gave a talk and said that when we spend time alone with God and learn how to recognise his presence on our own, we will begin to see it in our corporate worship.  It manifests in people in different places:  Bill feels it like a fire on his shoulder.  We spent time asking God to show us how we feel His presence.  As soon as he said that I had the feeling in the bottom of my stomach that I feel when I get a prophetic word.

It excited me to think that if each member of the church learnt in their private life to feel God’s presence, it would be awesome when we all got together.

When we asking God to show his presence to me gold dust began to appear all over my not book, and my hands.  I had seen this happen on a documentary before I left home and I remember thinking.. “why would God do that?  Why not heal or do something important and life changing”.  But in that moment I realised that God sometimes just wants to bless us and show us how much He loves us.
He also talked about how when we get a bigger boat from God we need to make sure our anchor grows too.  We need to spend more time with God anchoring ourselves in the word.

Next Kris Vallotton was talking about how you become what you think you are.  Like Jacob: his name meant deceiver.  He deceived and was deceived. But God chose to change his name. He was living under his old name – but God wanted to step into what God had for him.   So Jacob needed a new name.  If we think we are rubbish we act like rubbish.  If your faith is in your sin you will be a sinner.  If know the King is your daddy, you will be part of His royal family.  If you know your identity as a prince or princess you will act like it.  Stop behaving below your identity.  We are predestined!!!!!!!  When you were born and were a child you knew that you were amazing.  You wanted to be superman or a doctor, or great missionary.  It is life that knocks the identity out of us. We are told we are no good.. but we are made in His image – we are his kids!

Then I went to a vocal class.  It was my 1st vocal class ever and it was like a light switched on in my head.  I have now found the source of my constant sore throats:  It is because my technique means that my vocal chords are open too much.  I have booked a private lesson tomorrow and am really excited to get some help with my singing.
It was a totally awesome day but I am going to have to get used to the lack of down time.  I am classes until 10pm and 1 hour for lunch and 2 for dinner.  By the time we get home we only have time to eat something quick at dinner time.  Tonight I had a bizarre combination of raw corn on the cob, bacon and a cheese toastie. 

I cannot wait for tomorrow….  I am so excited 

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